Rotating Heated Eyelash Curler

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Level up your makeup game with Touch Beauty’s Rotating Heated Eyelash Curler that offers you gorgeously curled eyelashes in a matter of seconds! Whether you’re looking for a natural-looking lift or going for a full on dramatic look for a special event, this handy lash curling tool from Touch Beauty guarantees a sleek lash look that lasts for long! 

Touch Beauty’s Rotating Heated Eyelash Curler is a fast, ergonomic and easy to use styling tool that can make even the most stick-straight lashes bend up for an elegant, sophisticated look. It suits all sorts of thin, short, and flat eyelashes, and makes them look longer, fuller, and more lifted. The arched comb features soft silicone bristles with an efficient heating system that fit perfectly around the contours of your eye to separate eyelashes as hot temperature lifts and molds them into a flawless curl. You can also choose from 3 different temperature modes to adjust the temperature to your own liking.  

Touch Beauty’s Rotating Heated Eyelash Curler comes in a luxurious soft matte exterior and a smart portable design that fits perfectly inside your bag

Get it now & glam up your eye makeup look anytime, anywhere!


  • Heated Eyelash Curler
  • Fast and Convenient
  • Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation
  • Perfect for thin, short, and flat eyelashes
  • Makes lashes look longer, fuller, and lifted
  • Curls upper & lower eyelashes
  • Arched comb with heated silicone bristles - the comb features soft silicone bristles and an efficient heating system to curl eyelashes to a perfect shape. The silicone bristles perfectly separate eyelashes while the hot temperature lifts and molds lashes
  • 3 Temperature modes - this device provides three temperature modes to suit different needs
  • 15-second fast heating system – the heating comb heats up in just 15s
  • Easy-to-clean comb – the silicone bristles are easy to clean and mascara comes off effortlessly
  • Modern & portable design – this device has a luxurious soft matte appearance and its portable design makes it easy to use anywhere and anytime
  • Travel-friendly
  • Hygienic protective cap – the protective cap protects the comb from damage and impurities
  • USB rechargeable battery – convenient and environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use
  • 100% safe

How to Use:

  • Step 1: Allow the device to preheat for around 15s
  • Step 2: Apply mascara on the eyelashes
  • Step 3: Touch and hold the big heating comb against the root of the upper eyelashes for approximately 3s, then comb slowly from the root towards the tip of the eyelashes. Hold this position for another 3s to curl. Repeat this operation 2-3 times
  • Step 4: After use, turn off the device and only clean it after the heating comb has cooled down completely


  • 1 x Touch Beauty Rotating Heated Eyelash Curler
  • 1 x Protective Cap

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