Small touches can make your day more comfy.

What about relaxing time on the beach with the breathtaking sunset and sea view all of that with an amazing comfy and lovely chair? Do you wish for something better?

Only one thing can change our mood.

Reclining chair with friends

Sunny blessed weekends and vacations inside or outside the home.

Today we accord you much more to enjoy your own me-time more than ever before with the one and only amazing Rigoros Chair. Simply, Sigoros Chair is the meaning of chilling and comfort.

With Rigoros Zero Gravity Reclining Chair you can give your living room a unique look and add a special touch with a new style to your home either inside or outside, all of that thanks to its elegant and trendy design.

Comfort stays with you all day long.

You can put Rigoros Chair in your office to enjoy your break after the back pain you got from sitting on a regular chair in front of your computer all day.

Today Rigoros Chair comes with an easily removable side table with a drink holder that can be used at the two sides of the chair, it will be great for you because all you need on your day is a sitting where your back is in its posture along with a cup of your favorite drink.

More relaxation, less effort.

Rigoros Chair is featured with high flexibility in movement which makes it easy to be adjustable to your personal preference. Its movement ranges from 90 to 160 degrees to suit your body's most comfortable angle, besides the zero gravity option that makes you feel no pressure on your body and feel as you are a bird lying on air.

That chair is the opportunity to fix your neck and back pain thanks to the flexible pillow which you can move freely to face the pain part in your body.

Ease and simplicity.

The chair is made of high-quality materials which make it suitable for extra weights up to 150 kilos. It is an easy folding chair thanks to its lightweight which lets you use, move and store in a very small space in an easy way.

It also has a safety lock that helps you keep the chair in a fixed position to enjoy the most level of relaxation.

When it comes to cleaning, we assure you that cleaning Rigoros Chair will be the best experience you will ever have thanks to its high quality and waterproof material. 

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