Create the perfect sensation of beauty and warmth in your home design. 

Today, there is nothing more soothing than footsteps on a warm and soft surface. Carpets are one of these small details which take you to the next level of comfort. A carpet design can catch our eyes and speak to each one of us in so many ways.

Unfortunately, it is very easy for this important item in our home design to become dirty.

It all starts with carpets!

A carpet is definitely the perfect environment for all kinds of dirt and bacteria. And it can be very harmful. 

If you have a pet in your home that will be the most challenging issue you will deal with, pet hair could be everywhere. We all know that cleaning the carpet from pet hair is a nightmare. Also, if you get some drops of juice or coffee, then you are in big trouble.

Normally cleaning covers only the top of the carpet, therefore, it's not completely clean and when it comes to drying it, well that's a challenging job because the dirt will come back again and then it will be a complete mess.

Let’s face it, after all the suffering of using different formulas to clean your carpet is not completely clean. These formulas are a double weapon because it is not only harmful but also very high in cost.

Even if we try some of the commercial cleaning and laundry services we will spend a lot of money to get our carpets clean. 

If you are thinking that your carpet is clean now?  Well... think again.

Carpets house a lot of dirt and bacteria so it is essential to clean them in a professional way. 

Today, Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner will show you that your carpets have never been completely clean.

Bissell Cleaner is the most powerful and easy way to clean your carpet and leaves it clean, dry and sanitized. All of the dirt and stains that have been in your carpet for years will be gone in minutes thanks to the incredible Bissell Cleaner.

Bissell Cleaner comes with 12 rows of Dual rotating power brushes which clean deeply the areas that are hard to reach and with the amazing toolset that comes with Bissell you will be able to reach the very deep corners in furniture or any other surface.

Thanks for the 3.7 Liter tank capacity that you do not have to refill all the time. It saves your time with its dual tank system that helps you separate the dirty and clean water. With its antibacterial wash formula that will offer a safe cleaning for you and your family.

One of the most amazing features of Bissell Cleaner is the Heatwave Technology that keeps the water warm throughout the cleaning process which results in fresh and sanitized surfaces.

Bissell cleaner comes in a flexible and lightweight design which makes it easy to use, reach all the corners and save you from moving the furniture. And its powerful suction that let your carpet dry in 1 hour only.

With Bissell Cleaner, cleaning has never been easier because it can do both cleaning and sanitizing at a very affordable price.

Now, get your perfect and quick carpet cleaner Bissell ProHeat at a very special price…