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Say goodbye to bad hair days with Fancy Miracle Beauty’s Hair Tool Set that’ll help you achieve a fresh outta-the-salon look in the comfort of your own home! Whether you want to straighten out your hair, create some voluminous curls or get some loose beach-y waves for summer, this handy 3Pc Hair Tool Set from Fancy Miracle gives you the hair tools you need for perfect hair anytime, anywhere!

The Fancy Miracle Beauty Hair Tool Set features not just one, but three hair styling tools that make it easier for you to create the hairstyle you want within a matter of minutes. Unlike other flat irons that are made of metal and coated with a thin Ceramic coating, Fay Hair Pro's Ceramic Flat Iron features 100% pure Ceramic plates that protect your hair against damage caused by exposing hair strands to harsh metal plates. It also helps protect your strands and leaves your hair looking healthy, smooth, and extra shiny! Creating perfect curls for your short or long hair won't be a problem, either as the Curling Iron allows you to curl or wave your hair with minimum to no effort. You can also use the Straightening Brush for quick and efficient everyday styling as the triple action system detangles, straightens, and increases the hair's natural shine, helping you achieve that sleek straightened look with zero frizz!

Fancy Miracle Beauty’s 3Pc Hair Tool Set comes in trendy Teal color and is exclusive only for CITRUSS!

Get the whole set NOW at an unbeatable price!


Hair Straightener

  • * 100% Pure Ceramic Plates
  • * 150°C-200°C Heat Temperature
  • * 30mm Wide Ceramic Plate
  • * 360-Degree Swivel Cord 
  • * Long Power Cord
  • * Ceramic Plates/Barrel
  • * Negative Ion Technology

Hair Curling Iron

  • * Extremely lightweight, efficient styler
  • * Creates Perfect Curls
  • * 150°C-200°C Heat Temperature
  • * 80mm Diameter Ceramic Barrel
  • * 360-Degree Swivel Cord 
  • * Long Power Cord
  • * Ceramic Plates/Barrel
  • * Negative Ion Technology

Hot Straightening Brush

  • * Triple Action System: Detangles, Straightens and Increases Natural Hair Shine
  • * 360° Degree Rotatable Swivel Cord 
  • * LCD Temperature Display
  • * 150°C-200°C Heat Temperature

**All 3 Tools come in a trendy Teal color

How to use the product:

  • Directions to use the Flat Iron: make sure your hair is dry, and then divide it into small 1 inch sections, clasp the flat iron plates at your roots and then glide down your hair to the ends. Repeat if necessary. Move onto the next section and continue until all of your hair is silky smooth.
  • Directions to use the Curling Iron: Make sure your hair is completely dry before curling. Separate a small 1-inch section of hair and hold tight. Place the base of the curling iron handle near the scalp of your head with tip facing down. Wrap the hair from the base of the curling iron to the tip in a downward direction. Hold for 3-5 seconds. Without pulling the curling iron down, release the tip of hair allowing the hair to slide out. Then, slide the curling iron out of the hair.
  • Directions to use the Straightening Brush: Make sure your hair is completely dry and groomed before brushing.  Brush your hair with the brush once the temperature has been set according to your hair type.

Care Instructions: 

Pure ceramic plates do require a little extra care. Without support of a metal base plate, solid ceramic plates may break more easily if used roughly or dropped. Be sure to use your pure ceramic iron with care.


  • 1 x Hair Straightener - Flat Iron
  • 1 x Hair Curling Iron
  • 1 x Hot Straightening Brush


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